New Virus Hacks Your Bank Account, Covers Tracks

'SpyEye Trojan' helps thieves go undetected


(Newser) – For years, checking your bank account balance regularly online has been a pretty good way to guard against fraud—until now. An Israeli security firm has identified a new virus that not only steals the info fraudsters need to drain your bank account, it ensures you don't see those transactions when you visit your bank's site, reports MSNBC, likening it to a bank robber switching out the video on the building's security cameras.

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Dubbed "SpyEye Trojan," the sophisticated virus first spies on your login information, and tricks you into divulging your credit card number. Once the hacker has that info, the virus keeps track of every fraudulent purchase he makes with it. The next time you check your account, it'll make sure those items don't show up onscreen, and change your balance to account for them. Checking from an ATM or uninfected computer will give up the game, but by then it may be too late. The security firm says the virus has already affected real customers—and they expect its use to spread.

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