Fox Mole Found, Fired

Joe Muto was O'Reilly Factor producer


(Newser) – Joe Muto's career at Fox News lasted eight years, but his career as Gawker's "Fox mole" only lasted some 36 hours after his first column. Muto, an associate producer on the O'Reilly Factor, unmasked himself after being summoned to a meeting with a senior Fox exec shortly after he denied he had been smoked out. Fox followed the digital trail related to the videos he accessed, and found that he was the only likely suspect, Muto says.

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Muto has been fired as of today, and the network is "continuing to explore legal action," Mediaite reports. "I am a weasel, a traitor, a sell-out, and every bad word you can throw at me," Muto writes. "But as of today, I am free, and I am ready to tell my story." He promises much, much more about the inner workings of Fox in the days to come.

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